+ Events

BCS is unique in its family feel. There is a saying “it takes a village to raise a child” and this is the feel we aim to provide here.

Events throughout the year are important to ensuring that we belong together.

School Events held throughout the year include:

  • School Picnic Annual Family Church Service *Parent Interview Day
  • Family Fun Day Faction and Interschool Sports Day
  • *A variety of Drama and Music Performances throughout the year Plus more.

As a school community we also attend community events such as Anzac Day, Sporting Carnivals and other events as they occur.

+ Sports

At Bethel we encourage students to participate in a variety of sports within the community. Currently we have Bethel teams playing in netball, hockey, soccer and volleyball during winter and basketball in summer. We also provide information about community teams in football and cricket and have a number of students involved in both of these sports.

We also encourage our older students to become involved in coaching and umpiring as opportunities arise.

  • 10 x netball teams from Age 6 to Adult. [Contact person: Kathryn Mutton]
  • 7 x Hockey teams [Contact person is Liam Wesson]
  • 1 x Volleyball team – year 8-10. [Contact person is Joel Campbell]
  • 7 x Soccer teams. [Contact is Donald Cairn]
  • 12 x Basketball teams – yr 4 – 12. Contact is Sam Dixon

+ Community Partnerships

BCS is a ministry of the Albany Baptist Church. In 1981 the school was formed by a committee of hard working parents who desired a Christian Education to partner with them in the educating of their children.

The school continues to partner with Christian and non-christian families in the education of their children. Families at BCS attend ABC and a variety of other churches in the Albany District. The school does have an open enrolment and you don’t have to go to church to attend BCS.

The school continues to partner with the ABC in sharing facilities, support both in prayer and encouragement and through the BCS School Association. The BCS Association is formed from members of ABC. The School Board is comprised of elected members from the school association.

+ Fathering Bethel United Dads

Purpose: Helping Fathers and Father Figures at Bethel Be Their Best

Goals: To promote relationships between Fathers (and Father Figures) and their kids To Develop supporting Relationships between Fathers (and Father Figures) To run an event per term that fosters these 2 relationships Events

  • Term 1 - Dads and Kids Camp on the school oval
  • Term 2 - Dads and kids hike or bike ride
  • Term 3 - Dads and Daughters Dinner/Dads and Sons lantern stalk (alternate years)
  • Term 4 - Dads only event- ‘Growing to be a better dad’


Phil Beeck | phil@albanybaptist.com.au


Michael Cameron | michael.cameron@bethel.wa.edu.au