Set – Building on a strong foundation for the early years our year 3 to 6 program is where the students build on and consolidate their foundational literacy and numeracy skills. Through team work and collaboration students move into higher level learning skills such as critical thinking, independent learning, transference of skills into a variety of activities through resourced and excellent teaching and learning programs. Our aim always being to provide opportunities that will get them set for the next phase of their learning journey.


Year 3 to 6 forms the middle area of our school. With dedicated staff who collaborate and form a wonderful team we are extremely focussed on moving our students through these years successfully. These years where students are moving out of the early years is a time for re-enforcing, consolidating and building on the skills learnt in junior school. It is now time to foster independence in learning, including making choices, setting goals and developing motivation to learn

With a focus on literacy and numeracy skills teachers continue to build on knowledge and skills in all areas. These years are also a time to develop growth mindsets with students and higher order skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, working together with their peers and other skills needed in life. It is our aim to continue to build a sense of community in these areas that includes nurture, acceptance of others, encouragement, belonging and security. With these things working together we want to build opportunities for success in the schooling years to come. We aim to launch our students for life, through building for future success through community with integrity in all areas, academic, spiritual, social and emotional.