At BCS our aim is to ‘Launch Students for Life’ through the provision of quality teachers, excellent resources and learning experiences that encourage a growth mindset and the belief that every child can learn.

At BCS we firmly believe in the untapped learning potential of every student. We are committed to providing a safe and caring environment where maximum learning can occur on a daily basis. 

Our aim for our school is that it would be a place of great discovery, adventure and creativity. We hope it will be a place where we love to learn and learn to love. A place where everyone is respected and deeply valued. 

We believe in multiple intelligences. In other words; every child has many unique, sometimes undiscovered gifting and qualities. These talents need to be recognised, encouraged, supported and developed by a caring networks of teachers and educational assistants strategically placed around them and in partnership with their parents/carers. 

Through a ‘Growth Mindset Culture’ we don’t want to see any students slip through the cracks. This culture will aim to develop their self confidence to persevere, develop resilience and build strong character to cope with navigating the complexities of life. 

Here at BCS we are committed to having highly trained and dedicated education assistants to assist teachers to provide a nurturing environment for students with learning difficulties, emotional struggles, extension where students of all ranges can succeed. 

BCS has wholeheartedly embraced a growth mindset culture where mistakes are a key element to learning and struggles can be replaced with the word ‘YET’. Our aim through this growth mindset culture is to encourage students to always have a go, do their best and develop resilience through the hard things they might experience. 

BCS has a thriving community which upholds the values of integrity, friendship, forgiveness, hard work and Christian character. We are committed to one another and committed to every child in our care. We support each other. We grow through our mistakes. We encourage and cheer each other on. We launch each other for life. 




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