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Kathryn Mutton

In my role as a Phys Ed teacher I get to watch skills and personalities grow over consecutive years which is great. I get to see students develop their gifts and talents in this area, whether it be in skill, leadership, or encouragement, and watch them find ways to use these gifts to glorify God. I am passionate about students learning that it is OK to try even if they aren’t the best, and that perseverance and practice are the keys to improving. I love to see students encouraging each other and including each other regardless of skill level.

A very big passion of mine is to see Bethel students representing their chosen sports in the community. I love to see students play these sports with their friends in Albany competitions. I’m passionate about providing opportunities for them to do this in inclusive, encouraging and God centred teams in a variety of different sports so that all students can engage in their wider community regardless of the sport they choose to play.


Sarah Cousins

I am a Education Assistant and currently work with a Year 5 class. I really enjoy the opportunity to work in an environment that is so concerned with the overall development of each child. Bethel is dedicated to helping the academic progress of every individual and this is evident by the ratio of teachers and support staff to students. Our school is Christ centred and therefore strives to model and implement Christian values. As a parent of three boys at Bethel I appreciate having staff that show genuine interest and care in the welfare of the students. On a professional level I am passionate about caring for those students who need that little bit extra help to reach their goals. It gives me such joy to see kids who work hard to overcome language barriers and learning difficulties. Having the opportunity to develop relationship with these students through shared story; and, hearing about their dreams and concerns helps me to play a small role in their journey and the life of our school.


Trish Pfeiffer

My role at Bethel is an early childhood educator in the year two room. I enjoy engaging with students through creative learning experiences. I believe that all students have the capacity to achieve and succeed given adequate time and support. For this to happen, I aim to further develop and nurture their love for learning and equip students with an adaptable mindset that allows them to be challenged. This environment presents a great opportunity to impact a child’s life in a positive way.
I enjoy teaching and learning through play and value hands-on learning experiences in and outside of the classroom. I have a love for fostering healthy relationships, whereby students can identify with having a strong sense of belonging and autonomy.
I place great importance on working collaboratively with parents, caregivers and colleagues to establish authentic relationships for a common goal. I believe that for students to grow and pursue excellence there must be a holistic approach to learning where social, emotional and cognitive needs are supported.
As a Christian I am passionate about developing a child’s understanding of who Jesus Christ is, His love for us and His plan for our salvation.