Bethel Christian School provides a balanced education so that students are given every opportunity to develop in mind, body and spirit. Our focus on encouraging and supporting students in their academic and personal development drives everything we do.

Bethel Christian School provides a high standard comprehensive education that covers all learning areas of the Australian Curriculum. Teaching staff interpret and integrate all aspects of the curriculum into engaging lessons that inspire students to love learning. This means that students are well prepared for further education and prepare themselves to launch into all aspects of life beyond Bethel.

+ Curriculum

Bethel Christian School is committed to providing the Australian Curriculum, Early Years Framework and Kindergarten Guidelines and adherence to all government requirements regarding curriculum. In addition to these we are committed to Biblical instruction and Christian living learning opportunities.

It is a goal of our school curriculum planning that all students have maximised opportunities to learn and achieve at their full potential.

The school’s whole school planning process aims to involve all teaching staff members in an active approach to planning for and delivering curriculum.

The whole school planning process involves all aspects of our school’s learning programs. See Whole School Planning Overviewing attached. The whole school planning process is collated in our school’s strategic plan.

The leadership of Bethel Christian School aims to involve all staff in this process so they take ownership of the document and so a clear, open and collaborative approach is taken by our school to the implementation and delivery of curriculum to our students.

As a staff group we are also committed to ongoing professional learning in all areas of curriculum delivery. This includes having freedom to be innovative in our teaching and learning programs.

Each area of the school has Curriculum leaders which oversee the various areas of the curriculum. These leaders also collaborate regularly with all staff to ensure that our school stays abreast of the latest curriculum changes, innovative delivery and pedagogical excellence.

+ Policies

+ Learning Environment

At BCS we aim to provide the students with a comfortable, safe and inspiring learning environment. All learning areas have bene renovated in the past 3 years providing students with modern, well resourced classrooms. Teachers are given healthy budgets so they can also provide exciting materials to enhance the teaching and learning programs.

BCS also has many specialised classrooms, including Art, cooking, design and technology, music and multi purposed sports centre.

All staff at BCS encourage a growth mindset culture to help students feel comfortable with their learning no matter what level they are at. We believe that growth is optimal when we allow students to fail, learn from their failures and try again. This develops resilience in learning. All classes work through growth mindset activities to build this attitude into our students.

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+ Code of Conduct

Bethel Christian School aims to provide an environment that equips and trains students to be all that God has called them to be. Our discipline policy is largely based on training students (Proverbs 22:6 – Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it). At Bethel we aim to provide clear and concise boundaries in all circumstances. Discipline is given through loving correction. We believe that all individuals, students, staff and parents, have a right to feel valued and safe at Bethel. We also believe that all individuals should be treated with respect and be in a learning environment that helps children reach their full potential.

This policy highlights the need for a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) approach to all discipline matters. It is vital that good communication between students, parents and school be maintained whilst working for the good of every student here at Bethel Christian School

Students are encouraged to always learn and grow through behavioural and relational issues that occur. Staff will work students through a restorative process where all parties learn better ways to address and react to future issues.

Our Code of Conduct for Students would include following these programs:

  • Peacewise
  • Rock and Water (we call this ‘Stronger Together’)
  • Choose Respect
  • Stop Think Do
  • Anti bullying as outlined in attached pamphlet
  • Disputes and Complaints procedures as outlined in the documents attached

+ Learning Enhancement

Bethel Christian School is committed to helping every student reach their full potential through learning enhancement opportunities

– Carol Eaves

Our learning enhancement program is a very important part of what we offer at BCS. We recognise that students come to our school having had different experiences and from diverse backgrounds. Some may have had traumatic events in their lives, have missed significant learning opportunities, have a first language other than English, or have a disability that effects their learning.

Bethel has a clearly defined process for identifying and assisting students who need to be a part of our learning enhancement program. We use evidence based approaches to remediate learning at the point of need.

Some students find learning easy and need additional challenges to help them extend their learning and engagement at school. These students are also provided for through extension opportunities that help them to pursue their love for learning.

Bethel employs additional teachers and education assistants in order to provide a high level of support both within the classroom or through dedicated support classes. We believe every child deserves the opportunity reach their God given potential.

+ 1:1 iPad Program

Bethel Christian School is committed to providing infrastructure and tools that will readily equip students for life in the 21st Century. Increasing access to technology and the internet are essential tools for the future. The individual use of iPads is a way to empower students to maximise their full potential and to prepare them for further studies and the workplace.

Bethel Christian School also acknowledges that not all families can provide their child with an individual iPad, especially if there are multiple children in a family. The school is committed to provide iPads for students in Years 3 to 10.

Teachers, parents and students will be provided with ongoing training to assure that iPads are used effectively into the curriculum. iPads are teaching tools and strict procedures will be in place to see that students and staff use them in a responsible educational manner.

The use of technology such as iPads at Bethel Christian School is a privilege, not a right. The policy, procedures and student/parent agreements will make all users aware of the responsibilities associated with efficient, ethical and lawful use of iPads in the school setting.

+ School Performance Reports

Each year the Principal prepares a School Performance Report. This covers an overview of the schools vision, values, performance and ways we will be addressing school improvement. This report is then distributed to the community through the Bethel School Association and on the Webpage.

Previous School reports are located on our About Us Page

+ Naplan

Naplan information is available at the My Schools website below.

+ Feedback

It is our desire at BCS to partner with parents/carers and students in every aspect of their education.

Therefore if you have any feedback, either positive or negative please contact us.

Attached are our Complaints and Disputes documents and other information to help us solve any issues that may arise.