Salad ingredients in Burgers, Wraps and Sandwiches consist of:

  • Cheese

  • Tomato

  • Carrot

  • Cucumber

  • Lettuce
    NOTE: Special requests may be overlooked in busy times

Burgers and wraps contain mayo (beef burger also tomato sauce).

Side Salad Ingredients:

Chunky carrot, tomato, cucumber,  cheese block, prunes and lettuce.

* Ham and eggs are extra – please see menu for prices of extras.

Hot water is NOT provided for noodles etc.

Spoons are supplied with yoghurts etc and sporks with hot meals. Spoons and sporks are able to be purchased otherwise for .10c

Volunteers are always welcome, even if you only have time to mix up some muffins. If you can contribute more time on a Friday, I would love to see you.

All orders are to be written out onto an envelope or piece of paper, with the money securely enclosed in either the envelope or a zip-lock bag.

On your order, please show:




All orders are to be placed in the order box located in the front office or in the foyers of the ELC before school commences.

Orders are to be pre-paid. Change will NOT be given to students.

Qkr orders need to be placed by 9.25am. Should your child stay home unwell, orders can be cancelled up to 9.25am on the day.

Thank you for using and supporting Bethel’s Canteen. - Fiona Holmes

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