Student Well-Being

Here at Bethel, Pastoral Care is one of our priorities as we seek to support the Bethel community which is made up of our students, their families and the staff. Life presents us with many challenges and changes and this gives opportunities for growth; as we endeavour to walk with each other spiritually, emotionally and physically. As well as supporting and encouraging one another, we also rejoice in the joys, triumphs and growth we see.

Pastoral Care at BCS

Pastoral Care is an ongoing activity at BCS. It happens in the classroom during daily devotions and/or issues that arise throughout the day. It happens individually when a student is having particular difficulties. Teachers, Chaplains and the School Leadership are all actively involved in Pastoral Care processes.

BCS Chaplains

Sharon Morton

I feel really blessed being a BCS school chaplain. My passion is to have as many children know just how special, valued and unique each one of them are and of coarse that they are very loved by God. I absolutely love building relationships with the Students, chatting to them and trying to answer their questions that they ask, teaching them about Christ, this can be through telling stories of my past experiences, reading stories from the bible trying to make it real for them and for them to realise they are not alone through their teenage journey. That there are people here for them in their struggles. I feel that they struggle to see me as having been a teenager once. As I’ve said it’s a privilege but a blessed role

Seasons for Growth

“Seasons for growth “is a program that looks at change and loss which are part of everyday life. It provides participants with knowledge, skills and attitudes required to understand and respond well to these losses. It uses the analogy of the 4 Seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter .....which come and go. Although some seasons are harder than others, we can learn and grow in these times if we are willing. The program allows students to acknowledge their experiences, including their hurts; while learning ways to adapt to change. Participants are encouraged to value who they are and that their story is unique. Through the program they have opportunities to develop their skills in communication, learn how to make wise choices and solve problems. As believers in a God who is always Sovereign and good, we as the facilitators have the privilege of reminding the students that God loves them, knows their situations and is always there to help them.

Paul Barber

Ever since I could remember my passion has always been to help those who felt either unloved or left out. I would make a point at school to hang out with whoever needed a friend. I wanted people to know that they where not alone and that someone cared no matter what.

Being a Minister and a Chaplain who has worked with youth for over 26yrs, Bethel is a perfect fit for me, it allows me to fulfil my passion that was put in my heart so long ago to love God and Love others.

I have the most amazing and fun filled life that has taken me and continues to take me all around the world through one of my other passions missions.

I am also blessed to have an incredible wife and two boys who bring me so much joy and amusement allowing me to live out another one of my passions, “family”.

Here at Bethel I have the absolute pleasure as a Chaplin and Christian Living Teacher to be able to work closely with student with all kinds of backgrounds and issues. To be able to love, care, pray and encourage them no matter the issue, brings an amazing sense of satisfaction to my life.

Request an Appointment with a Chaplain

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