Early Learning

Ready – Our Early Learning Centre is an exciting place, full of life, fun and energy. This is where we build strong foundations to get each and every student ready for the journey ahead.


At BCS we are passionate about introducing children to school in a way that values their individual stage of development, encourages a love of learning, develops a strong sense of identity and worth as a member of their family, culture, class group, and as a child of God.

We recognise the importance of laying strong foundations for more formal education through the provision of a high quality, evidence based learning program.

At BCS Early Learning Centre you will find many opportunities for play and socialisation at school. When children play and socialise, they are practicing their oral language skills, rehearsing, mastering and applying learnt concepts, stretching their imagination and developing many important skills for life and learning. Play is indeed serious ‘work’ for children; we value play as an important stage of learning and development that shouldn’t be lost in a busy curriculum.

We recognise that the relationship you have with your child is usually the most secure and important relationship they have experienced so far in their lives. We respect and support this through open and regular communication. Our aim is to partner with parents/carers in all aspects of your child’s schooling.