About Bethel

BCS was established in 1981 as a ministry of the Albany Baptist Church. It’s mission being, “Bethel Christian School is to equip students for life, in a safe environment where Christ is honoured.”

The school reinforced a strong partnership between the school, family and church, and this is still our priority today.

BCS has demonstrated a rich history over three decade and developed a strong sense of community and academic, social, emotional and spiritual success.


School Board

BCS is blessed to have a highly committed and diligent School Board. The Board is active in the community by attending regular event. The School Board also provides strong governance through it’s own strategic planning process, setting overall goals and aims for the school. The Board supports and cares for the School Principal providing a strong partnership between the Board and the School.


BCS is committed to employing high quality, dedicated and passionate teachers. Teachers at Bethel are caring and always go the extra mile. The school leadership is also committed to ensuring staff are regularly professional learning in areas. All teachers are committed Christians attending a range of different churches in the Albany area.


BCS is committed to providing modern, attractive learning environments. All classrooms have been renovated in the past 5 years.

In 2010 we were blessed with a Multi Purpose Hall as part of government funding. This is a well equipped building for a variety of sporting activities and drama/performance equipment and staging.

Our cooking room had extensive renovations in 2016. With new appliances and equipment, including a new garden full of fresh fruit and vegetables our cooking and hospitality courses can be fun and exciting for our students.

Our technology shed is very well equipped with everything needed to run Metalwork and Woodwork programs. In 2016 $80 000 was spent on up to date dust extraction units ensuring that our students and staff are safe working in this environment.

Future Facilities

Currently we are building a $6 million Early Learning Centre. This project comprises of 8 classrooms, office spaces and board room/conference space. This will allow us to expand our school to double stream classes and cater for Year 11 and 12 in the future.